“Adult Graphic Novels” Cause Stir at Local Library


Mennonites across northern Saskatchewan were in a tizzy this week after it was discovered the local library carried something called “adult graphic novels.”

“Oba, nay! They’re adult! Plus they’re graphic! That can’t be good,” exclaimed Mrs. Loewen. “That sort of stuff should remain in the confines of a Christian couple’s bedroom on a Sunday afternoon, not on the shelves of the local library!”

The Blumenkrahn librarian politely explained to Mrs. Loewen and her posse of concerned citizens that graphic novels were basically just comic books for adults.

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it. Sometimes there are things that are normally associated with children, but have versions that are made for adults,” explained Mrs. Plett. “You know like adult vitamins and adult colouring books…”

“And adult diapers,” interjected Mrs. Loewen. “Now I understand!”

The two chatted about the topic for quite some time and Mrs. Loewen eventually agreed to cease her protest of the innocuous comic books for grown-ups.

“I see. So, they’re just like one of those picture Bibles,” she said. “Or a Romans Road gospel tract.”

Mrs. Plett acknowledged Mrs. Loewen’s comparison as valid, but secretly figured that the graphic novel version of The Handmaid’s Tale might not quite fit her description.

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