Abbotsford Family Instantly Regrets Agreeing to Spring Break in Manitoba This Year


The Kehlers of Abbotsford were on a plane back to the BC the moment they touched down in Winnipeg for so-called Spring Break.

Jauma, they’ve still got snow on the ground! And where are the flowers?” wondered Mrs. Kehler. “I think I’ve had enough. Harold, let’s get back to Abbotsford!”

The Kehlers had been under the false impression that spring in Manitoba was just like spring in BC.

“You know, it’s been a while. I moved away in 1981,” said Mrs. Kehler. “Who can blame me if my memory’s a little fuzzy?”

Instead, the Kehlers plan to visit the rest of the clan sometime this summer when they’ve been assured of better weather.

“If they can handle the heat and mosquitos,” said Mrs. Kehler (Manitoba Kehler, that is). “But, hey, I know they can’t resist a good proper farmer sausage.”

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