A Quick Break From Our Regular Satirical Programming

A few days ago, just as the war in Ukraine began, I posted this on my Facebook page:
A week later, I still feel helpless, and frustrated, and, I will admit, sometimes angry.

I think many of us have a personal connection to Ukraine. My grandfather, for example, was born in 1919 in Rueckenau, Molotschna Colony. The tiny village still exists and is now called Kozuluhivka.

Just a few miles away is The Mennonite Centre in Ukraine, an organization based in Molochansk that provides humanitarian aid in the region. They are on the ground in Ukraine right now providing practical items such as bread, meals, groceries, and medical supplies.
If you are able, please consider donating to this important humanitarian effort.

You can donate to Help for Ukraine by clicking here.
Thank you,

Andrew Unger
The Daily Bonnet
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