Top 10 Most Amazing Mennonite Albums Found at the Local MCC Store

The local MCC store always provides a treasure trove of hip and groovy Mennonite gospel gems. When you pop one of these on the turntable you’re in for a wild night. The album covers are not bad either. Here is a selection of favourites! (Yes, these are all unedited and real!)


I’m Gonna Sing – The Mennonite Hour Men 


Winnipeg Mennonite Children’s Choir


Praise Him – Locust Grove Mennonite School


My Father Planned it All – The Swartzentruber’s (sic)


Visitation of God to the Mennonites – Gerald Derstine


Gelobet Sei Jesus – Gospel Light Quartet


Sacred Selections – The Mennonite Hour


Mostly Mennonite Music – Alice Parker


A Capella Choir – Mennonite Brethren Bible College. Conductor Victor Martens


The Idaho Yodeler – Buzz Goertzen (Pronounced Gertson)

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